Sunday, 14 October 2012

God is with us..

Vedanta says
The ultimate reality is brahman.
Upanishads describe Him as shunya.
How can I perceive
This negative nothingness?
I want a God who is with us
He exists because
He is Sampurna.
He is not Shunya
All our desires end
When we reach him
Bhima bhoi had wished to remain blind
After a vision of the Lord.
Because after seeing Him
There is nothing more to be seen
Once you reach Him
Your journey ends
After getting Him
There is nothing more to get.
He is all pervading
He is all around us
Above us and below us
Knowing Him is attaining bliss
He is eternal and endless
The everlasting, the continuous and the Whole
Brahma is knowledge
He is divine and dispassion
He is power, energy and strength
He is eternal, He is wealth and fame
Infinite, permanent and unperishable
He is my support
Through out my life.

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